Aleksandr Prochukhan is a swindler, fraudster and scammer: Questra/AGAM founder

Aleksandr Prochukhan

Aleksandr Nikolayevich Prochukhan (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), the VK page had already been deleted at the time when the material was written, but there is an archive of all the accomplices in the "Backups and Information Sources" section; among other things, the archive contains data about Aleksandr Prochukhan and a backup of his page in the VK social network.

His birth date is allegedly March 13, 1985, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Passport series and number: АВ297973.
Skype accounts: pan.deputat, pan_deputa, Aleksandr Prochuhan. Phone numbers: +380 67 440 50 61, +380 68 530 6666, +380 96 723 89 12.
Some of the known e-mail addresses are:,

Connected persons:
In the process of being established; he is married, and has children.

Connection with the old team and the old frauds:
Essentially, he isn’t hiding and can be found quickly, considering that his phone number, e-mail address and Skype account (the same as his username) are more or less permanent, though formerly he left a great deal of traces when creating various frauds, there are also photo and video materials left, and even traces of participation in MMM (Sergey Mavrodi’s) in the territory of Ukraine and on the Internet. Even more, he is one of the chief masterminds and generators of criminal frauds, together with Cheslav Pestyuk, they succeeded in surrounding themselves with fraudsters and in creating a stable organized criminal group (community) of them.

He used to own a business (and closed it because stealing is more profitable than doing business): BILA LILIYA Ltd., a dry cleaner’s in 94 Keletskaya St, Vinnitsa. Here’s some interesting news from the front of the notorious MMM financial pyramid scheme: MMM MADNESS: VINNITSA’S LEADERS OF THE PYRAMID WANT TO LURE A THIRD OF THE TOWNSPEOPLE INTO IT

Interesting photos and videos with the fraudster Aleksandr Prochukhan:

He is the actual creator of such a fraud as Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, its mastermind and investor at the stage of its creation, together with Cheslav Pestyuk – like in the good old times of 2011-2015, the profile of their cooperation has not changed, and the common team has not changed either. He loves to live a luxurious life, the Ferrari that was bought in Ukraine and was used in Questra Holdings Inc’s advertising, was bought in his name and at the cost of the Questra Holdings Inc financial pyramid.

Aleksandr Prochukhan and the Questra World and AGAM fraud:

Video: Aleksandr Prochukhan and the Questra World and AGAM fraud:

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